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The need in the crisis region in the Middle East remains great. Your donation will enable NOIVA to continue its work on-site!


NOIVA Health

an urgent health initiative

A myriad of wars has left a trail of devastation in the Middle East: bombed out cities, soil torn open, burnt-out ruins. The survivors, however, are the ones who are damaged the most. They did not only lose everything, but many of them are also deeply marked by what they went through. Innumerable sick, hurt and traumatized people are in need of professional help.

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Stiftung NOIVA

Who we are

NOIVA, a Swiss Foundation, has commenced its activities in 2010. Its general purpose is to establish and support charitable and humanitarian activities around the world, and it promotes and supports these projects in the humanitarian tradition of Switzerland.

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Our Vision

Reconciliation in the Middle East

Injustice cannot be undone. The past cannot be changed anymore. The only space we have is ahead of us – and with it the possibility to change situations.

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Upcoming activities

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We are working in Jordan to ease the suffering of the Syrian refugees and to support the local population. Be a part!

  • April 11 to April 25, 2020
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Shaping Worlds of Peace

As a nongovernmental organization (NGO) NOIVA works towards enabling people to live a self-determined life in freedom, peace and dignity. Our country cultivates centuries-old traditions based on the ideals of tolerance and individual freedom. Minorities under threat for religious or political reasons have always found refuge in Switzerland – starting with the Huguenots, which had to flee France in the 16th century. Ethnic groups threatened by war and suppression also come to us for protection. These days the topic of migrants has become an issue more than ever.

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