About us

A double mission

 NOIVA is a non-profit organization, founded in Winterthur in 2010 and currently working mainly in the Middle East, particularly in Jordan. It is dedicated to two things, which are …

… humanitarian aid
As a nongovernmental organization (NGO) NOIVA offers support on different levels to sections of the population under threat: it organizes emergency aid in crisis areas, yet also aims to implement long-term measures of development aid in places with a lack of jobs, schools, children’s homes etc.   NOIVA is of the conviction that it is indispensable to support local economies through initiatives, investment and know-how in order «to help people help themselves» in a sustainable way.

At this point in time the following projects are carried out on a regular basis: food provisions, home visits, repair and improvement of housing, advice for women and mothers, programs for children, sport projects, creative workshops and computer classes.

… reconciliation work
The profound conflicts in the Middle East regions unfortunately keep destroying critical progress. This means for us: material support is important, but does not solve the underlying problem. This is the reason why NOIVA also initiates projects reaching across population groups, nations and borders, for example related to the economy, education and the arts. By creating direct contacts reservations and prejudices are reduced; mutual trust can gradually be developed instead.

The basis for this commitment is the conviction that a culture of reconciliation and friendship will be at the core of a renewed interconnectedness in the Middle East. The slogan «Shaping Worlds of Peace» expresses NOIVA’s main goal: to create peace – on all levels and by all means.