Reconciliation in the Middle East

Injustice cannot be undone. The past cannot be changed anymore. The only space we have is ahead of us – and with it the possibility to change situations.

All sides have experienced injustice countless times: especially women and children are the ones silently suffering from the Middle East calamity. Countries such as Syria, Iraq and Libya simply keep remaining in turmoil; one crisis seems to be replaced by another. Never before have so many people been fleeing this region. The conflicts run deep and keep festering underneath the surface even during seemingly calmer times – for example in the numerous Palestinian camps, which the public barely takes notice of anymore. They are inhabited by people who were once driven from their homeland. The worst thing inside of these camps, originally erected as provisionary arrangements, is the lack of perspective: many people feel hopeless when they think about their children’s future. In reverse, the state of Israel’s right to exist constantly keeps being put into question to this day. Terrorist attacks on the civilian population trigger fear and fright; being on alert has long since become the norm.

Any political and military attempts to secure peace have failed. Radical forces on either side make it impossible to move closer to a constructive solution. On different sides people fuel their hatred and pass it on to the young generation. Yet mutual hatred and continued and repeated assignment of guilt definitely will not help the Middle East to move forward. What is desperately needed is a perspective – and sustainable hope for a reconciled future. A radical mind shift is required to achieve this. The good news is: there are people on either side who are honestly looking for peace and friendship across all borders.

despite everything it is possible to trust and gain trust

NOIVA aims to take an active part in the Middle East region so that a common vision of peaceful cohabitation will become possible. Being a Swiss organisation we consider our role as one of mediating and developing a strategy of reconciliation. In principle we support anyone, who is willing to experience something new, irrespective of political, cultural and religious limitations; despite everything it is possible to trust and gain trust, to build friendships, to realize collective projects leading to new jobs, etc.

Mutual appreciation and respect in spite of all differences will create lasting change in the Middle East. Contrary to the general point of view that „lasting peace“ is impossible in this region, we are passionately dedicated to making it an example of practiced friendship and altruism.