With joint effort and a lot of individual commitment we are dedicated to Stiftung NOIVA’s work in the Middle East. Apart from the people listed below, countless individuals are involved in Switzerland and Jordan. Stiftung NOIVA is extremley happy to work with a motivated and passionate team.

Andi Kunz
Founder & President

“Humanitarian aid is often delegated. Truth is, though, that demand exceeds supply by far. There is a lack of resources of any kind – staff, finances, time. This is why we need people who dare to take a dauntless first step! The most diverse people can provide very hands-on help with our relief projects on location. In the long run it is our goal to create jobs in Jordan. First steps have already been taken.”

Elsbeth Kunz
Board of Trustees / Human Resources

“With NOIVA a dream has become reality: work that touches the heart and makes sense.”

Sereina Nussbaum
Board of Trustees / Human Resources

“For me NOIVA is part of my personal hope for reconciliation in the Middle East.”

Tobias Kunz
Board of Trustees / Accounting & Finances

“NOIVA offers me the opportunity to get involved with hands and heart. By connecting personally with the people who are affected, help reaches the right destination, different cultures are united and new perspectives are created.”

Adrian Nussbaum
Marketing & Communikations

“I passionately pour my heart, head and time into projects that we, as NOIVA, plan and execute – because I know that this is a direct and effective way to render aid to people.”

Christian Pfenninger
Legal Advisor

“Many people live in circumstances unworthy of living. I define NOIVA as a catalyst to change this, among other things by initiating reconciliation on all levels.”

Rahel Wüthrich
Media & Public Relations

“More things than you can imagine are possible and doable! If you start making a move, take risks, allow your own heart to be touched and think outside the box many good things can happen. This is what NOIVA stands for.”

Michael Wüthrich
Technical Advisor

“NOIVA enthuses me, when everyone applies their individual talents and is able to make needy people beam with joy.”

Andi Herzog
Head of NOIVA Health

I love people and I would like to provide them with an environment that makes holistic healing possible. This will become a reality with NOIVA.”