Was uns bewegt und beschäftigt

Moments of Joy

Around 40 volunteers turned the Guesthouse into a buzzing beehive in October: a motley team ready for action and full of compassion. Thank you for the hope and joy you brought to our Syrian friends!

The Swiss and German mission volunteers were like a big family. The locally stationed NOIVA employees were thrilled about the open and uncomplicated cooperation. The helpers, women and men, aced the intense program – and kept their sense of humor when things in Jordan did not work according to the same rules as we are used to in Switzerland.

With such a diverse program there was room for everyone, and a task for everyone to tackle. In the beginning it was a plunge into the deep end for some people, which required courage and independence; however, positive feedback left them even more delighted afterwards. Among other things the program offered the following:

  • In-home visits
  • Day trips with refugee families
  • English lessons
  • Dance lessons
  • Handiman jobs
  • Cultural events
  • Kids’ program
  • Workshops in the refugee camp

Let’s hear Rahel, who has participated together with her family a few times already:

«Every mission with NOIVA is an impressive experience. Everyone is given the opportunity to make use of their skills and directly support people who fled their country. The single activities require responsibility and your own initiative. At the same time there is well-prepared material to fall back on and you receive all the necessary instructions from the NOIVA team. I, for example, was allowed to take on a small group of adult English students to teach on my own. I noticed how keen these men and women were to learn. As not all of them were able to read and write, we worked mainly verbally. The students bravely took their ‘first steps’ in this foreign language and they tirelessly practiced at home, too. Ever so often during our time of learning together special interpersonal moments happened that left their marks on both sides. Gratitude, genuine interest, laughing together – all this added a warm atmosphere to the classes. Many of them at least are determined to be part of the next round of English classes again!

Our in-home visits were as diverse as the families we met during any one of them. We experienced funny and exuberant moments and also found dismal situations. Both have their place and with both we saw how our presence and love touched people in need: “What? You come from so far away, just because of us?” A little bit of humankindness can spread so much life and hope! We gave a little bit of time, energy and money – and yet returned richer than we had come: bringing encounters and experiences with us we don’t want to miss. And also carrying the question in our hearts: What else can I contribute to make this world a better place?»