Work among orphans

According to UNICEF and according to the estimations of UNCHR the millionth child refugee passed the syrian border. The situation of the syrian children is precarious. The continuing conflict in Syria affects millions of lifes of children.

  • More than 740 000 syrian refugee children are younger than 11 years
  • Within Syria 7000 children were killed
  • 2 Million children within Syria are on the run
  • Panic and traumas are affecting their development
  • Child labor, forced marriages, sexual abuses and child trafficking are all over the places
  • 3500 children are all alone and apart of their families on the run to Libanon, Iraq or Jordan.

The report «The future of Syria – refugee children in a crises» is the first research paper of the UNHCR about syrian children since the start of the crises in March 2011. 70 000 families have to survive without their fathers, 3700 children are apart of both parents or are all alone.

From fall 2014 a team of NOIVA foundation is going to prepare first steps with the jordanian governement agencies to realise an orphanage in Jordan. The Jordan River Foundation and the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization are supporting the start and the implementation of this project. The outreach from 25 December to 2 January 2015 with more than 100 volunteers from Switzerland will show further steps into this project and release resources, to realise an orphanage.

To realise this orphanage project we are relying on further support. Whoever is interested to work in a longterm sense in this project is kindly requested to contact us.