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NOIVA Health: an urgent health initiative

Countless conflicts have left widespread devastation in the Middle East in the form of bombed cities, destroyed land and burned buildings. But it is the survivors who bear the brunt of the damage. Not only have they lost everything, but in many cases their experiences have left them with deep scars. Moreover, there are countless people who are sick, injured or traumatized and in need of professional help.

We aim to create an environment that makes a holistic recovery possible. Health is not only an important prerequisite for a self-determined and dignified life but also provides the basis for people to envision their future and develop perspectives for themselves.

NOIVA Health promotes mental and physical health and prevention as well as education and training in these fields.


The situation in Jordan

The 7.5 million Jordanians have been extremely helpful since the Syrian war started in 2011. According to estimates, they are accommodating 1.5 million Syrian refugees, of which 655,000 are registered with the UNHCR.

While countless organizations are doing their best to provide relief, many of them have lost their willingness to keep going and are running out of resources. The outlook for refugees in the region is currently not so good, and the local population is suffering as well.

Healthcare among refugees is also a major challenge. The UNHCR doctor responsible for Jordan expects considerable difficulties and is therefore very grateful for any direct help we can offer. Even though our means are limited, we are making an important contribution to this humanitarian catastrophe.


General medical help

  • Home visits make it possible to identify refugees with urgent medical needs and to refer them to a suitable center for treatment. In some cases, it was even possible to finance successful operations.
  • Emergency aid on a smaller scale is always administered directly on site.
  • Under the motto “Helping people help themselves,” several emergency aid courses have already been held in Mafraq, where around half of the population are refugees. Participation in the courses is, of course, free of charge.
  • At the end of 2017, a Swiss team of doctors worked with a Jordanian hospital and other medical specialists to perform operations on site. The project was managed by Dr. Volker Wedler from Interplast, who collaborated with a team from CHEIRA. Both are Swiss humanitarian organizations.

The Swiss medical team operating in Amman, Jordan


Mobile dental clinic

  • In Jordan, dental care is a major problem for the poorer parts of the population, especially for refugees. Problems often begin already with an imbalanced diet and poor oral hygiene habits. When a trip to the dentist can becomes urgent, there is often no money around.
  • NOIVA Health has recognized the great need for affordable dental treatment and turned a former field hospital into a small mobile dental clinic. The fold-out container on wheels takes dentists directly to the regions where they are needed the most.
  • All the equipment of the mobile clinic is financed through donations, and the services are provided through small patient contributions and gifts.
  • The final steps of setting up the mobile dental clinic are currently underway and it will be up and running shortly. For further details on the project, please visit our blog.

Installing one device at a time: Cutting-edge equipment.

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Project Team

Andreas Herzog
Project Manager

NOIVA Health Project Leader

Dr. Volker Wedler
Specialist for reconstructive surgery
Jessica Marti
Dr. Gaith al Sarhan
Dentis and Partner Mobile Dental Clinic
Hisham Shdaifat
Manager Mobile Dental Clinic
Dimitris Rath

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