Was uns bewegt und beschäftigt

Detailed article in «SWISS Magazine»

If you happen to fly with SWISS this month don’t miss the opportunity to browse «SWISS Magazine» (German/Englisch) and to linger on pages 46 to 54. If you are not taking a flight you can browse the magazine or download it as a pdf file.

Airline pilot Andi Herzog witnessed the beginnings of our work in the Middle East and was already part of our very first trip to Jordan, when NOIVA went to evaluate the situation there and established first contacts. Since that time Andi has often volunteered to participate in missions. Gathering experience with refugee relief he started to become more and more concerned with the health situation of many Syrians: medical support is often far from satisfactory, it is either hard to come by or not affordable. Another problem that shoud not be underestimated are the many traumatized people who desperately need psychological help. Together with two medical doctors, Volker Wedler, Interplast, and Joel Gsponer, Andi Herzog started to brainstorm possible solutions. This is how the NOIVA Health project came to life; while still in its infancy its first steps have been promising. The first major mission will be carried out by doctors and other medical professionals this fall – this time focussing on reconstructive surgery, Dr. Wedler’s area of expertise.

For SWISS Magazine Andi Herzog was accompanied to Jordan by a journalist and a photographer. The article provides a good insight into NOIVA’s activities and methods of operation. We are happy that this allows a larger audience to learn about the adversities and needs of the refugees in Jordan; at the same time we hope of course that this will be an opportunity to extend the circle of fellow campaigners, supporters, helpers, sponsors and donors. A thank you to all who champion this cause together with us. It wouldn’t work without you…